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Cherry Creek Theatre 


March 30-April 30, 2017


November 9-December 10, 2017

 Reserve your tickets now: 303-800-6578. 

Days and times  Thursdays & Saturdays at 8PM. There will not be a Friday play but Sunday matinees have been added at 2PM

The Cherry Creek Theatre is the resident theatre company at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center (MACC), 350 S. Dalhia Street, Denver.


 CCNNA is a Registered Neighborhood Association (RNO).  Find out more about RNOs from "The Profile - Washington Park" .  Click here.

Cherry Creek North, a retrospective



As we all know, the enormous redevelopment in Cherry Creek North has put a premium on available area parking. In turn, the Cherry Creek Shopping Center has seen an increasing number of non-shoppers over-utilizing its surface lots and covered spaces which have an intended priority for customers and patrons. This has now necessitated the introduction of paid parking in the Shopping Center with a one-hour grace period and in some cases individual store validation. Beginning in mid-January 2017, the first hour will be free; the second hour will cost $3; the third hour $1, and additional hours will cost $2 each, with a daily maximum of $16.

The Silver-Linings come next. It is Smart Parking. When a vehicle enters, a camera will snap the license plate as a ticket is issued. Customers will carry their ticket with them and, upon leaving the mall, insert the ticket into one of 27 conveniently located, highly visible kiosks. Validation for less than 1 hour or from a store will be recorded. If any payment is due, the kiosks accept bills (no coins), credit and debit cards. An optional feature will even show the location of the parked car. Patrons will have reasonable time (to be announced) to reach their car and leave. When a ticket has been processed, another “eye” at each exit will recognize the license plate as the car approaches, and the guard arm will automatically open without the insertion of a ticket, speeding exit.

Want more? Brio and Elway’s, the AMC Movie Theaters, The Container Store and Boulder Running Company have already announced they will validate. Other retailers may come on board. Validations will occur at point of purchase. Safeway anticipates most of its customers will spend less than an hour and their kiosk will be at their exit. Red, green and blue lights will quickly alert covered space-seekers to “in use,” “available” and “ADA” spaces respectively. Fees will be waived during community events such as Cherry Creek Fresh Markets, Cherry Creek Arts Festival and the Cherry Creek Sneak. Coming soon: a third dedicated lane exiting the Center onto Steele Street. For more information please visit: www.shopcherrycreek.com/smartparking.


Check out Denver's Community Planning and Development Site for the Cherry Creek Neighborhood!

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