We believe when this happens our wonderful neighborhood is transformed into a community – a place where we enjoy greater safety, a better quality of life, increased friendship and meaningful involvement.

Blockbuilder Objectives:

1. Helping to build a sense of community in your block by knowing your neighbors.

2 Providing communication on key issues to and from the neighborhood, your neighbors on the block and CCNNA.

3. Providing additional security by looking out for your neighbors.

What Do Block Coordinators Do?

1. Exchange information with your neighbors with names, address, phone numbers and e-mails.

2. Get to know your neighbors, introduce yourself if you don’t know them.

3. Participate if your block organizes block parties or functions.

4. Help improve your block security. Watch out for your neighbors.

5. Provide communications and feedback on issues important to the neighborhood or your block.

Ready to become a Block Coordinator? 

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