General Meeting (Open to the Public)

  • 09/25/2018
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Daniels Fund Building



SOCIAL GROUP REGISTRATION/MEMBERSHIP – Beginning at 6:30 PM, representatives of CCNNA Clubs, volunteer groups and other neighborhood opportunities will be on hand in the lobby to provide information and to help you register. Membership tables for new and renewing members will also be available. We do take credit cards now. Come early and join the easy way!

NEW TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS FOR DENVER AND CHERRY CREEK, STUART ANDERSON, Executive Director, Transportation Solutions – Stuart will give us an overview of several new transportation options including Chariot and "Dockless Mobility" and explain how they may impact Cherry Creek North. Stuart is an internationally recognized and experienced planner known for developing innovative successful urban solutions. From City streets to light rail to highways and regional corridors, he understands Transportation Demand Management.

CHANGES IN CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT RULES, WAYNE NEW, Denver City Councilman, District 10 – We have all been affected and inconvenienced by the many construction projects in our neighborhood. As noted in a recent article published in the Cherry Creek Chronicle, Councilman New has been fighting for changes in construction management rules and regulations for the purpose of decreasing the negative impacts of Denver's construction boom on surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. Councilman New will bring us up to date on how, when and where these changes are being made. Wayne will be accompanied by a representative from Public Works.                             

Please Use Free Parking Lot on West Side of Building

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