Safety Tips 

Many residents fall victim to crimes that may be easily prevented by taking some precautions.  The following are safety tips provided by the Denver Police Department.  These tips  are recommended for use by all CCN residents.

  • Make sure that all doors, windows, door screens, and window screens are secured by good locks.
  • Doors should be fitted with good quality, pin-tumbler locks of the deadfall or deadbolt variety.
  • When you go on a trip, do not advertise that your house is empty.  Stop all deliveries. 
  • Use electric timers on lights and leave a radio or TV on during your absence.
  • Install a burglar alarm system with both internal and external sounding alarms.  External alarms are permitted and should be discussed with your neighbors.
  • Use external motion detectors to turn on outdoor lights at the rear and sides of your house or keep your outside front and rear property lights on at night.
  • Demand identification and credentials from persons as your door.  Don’t judge by appearances.
  • Never assume that suspicious persons have been reported to the police.  Do it yourself at once.
  • Know and look out for your neighbors.  The fastest police response is from a neighbor’s call rather by a burglar alarm company alert.   Alarm companies must make two calls before alerting police.
  • Always lock your car and put valuables out of sight in your house or car truck.
  • Never leave your garage door open.

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